We provide high quality surgical care for your animals. Most people spay or neuter their animals when they are 4 to 5 months of age. After the surgery your pet is then placed on lots of comfy blankets in a nice run or cage. It is protocol for them to stay overnight for the safety of your pet.

Our staff will watch them to make sure all is well and everything is regulated. We also remove masses after they are examined by the veterinarian. For a typical lump removal they are required to stay for 48 hours but is also determined by the recovery time. Depending on the case, drains are used after the surgery to get rid of any left over fluid. We want to make sure your pet is safe and happy when he goes home. If your pet is having trouble urinating he might have stones! The removal of these stones will relieve your pet from the pain that is occurring. If your pet is having any other problems please don’t be afraid to ask! We will further assist you the best we can or refer you if need be. Surgeries will vary depending on the case and the amount of time it takes. Some surgeries will take longer than others and sometimes the recovery time is quicker allowing a sooner release.

For the assurance of your pet please watch for any symptoms. Make sure your pet’s appetite is normal, they are active, and the overall appearance is the same. This will prevent a lot of problems from occurring or prevent any severe cases.

Surgical procedures are performed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.